The historiy of my family

"If you don't take care of yourself, nobody will"

- My father -

My father used to say "I wouldn't trust any honey or olive oil from supermarket, that's why I cultivate my own olive trees and have my

own bees, which at the same time provides biodiversity to our fields.

If this history wouldn't have been written by my him, it might not be so important to me, but not only the history even the labels are written by him.

about me

I'm an architect in love with my region,

the traditions of my village Puerto Lope and my family

Olive oil and honey "Aceite&Miel" have been always part of these traditions that my father brought to the family and taught me since I was a child.

My Village Puerto Lope

White houses sorrounded by olive trees under the sun


"It all is about quality, not quantity"

Even harvest means for us a family meeting. It takes place every year during Christmas. We used to collect the olives from the middle of December until the end of January.

Our olives from the type "Picual" gives a great virgin oil. Due to its high calofic valueI, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great for kooking warm dishes or cold ones, like salt or even a nice toast for a breakfast.

Juice from olives, from fist cold Pressing

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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